Important Notice

Our only service will be held on Saturday, October 20, at 5 p.m. due to the Naperville Marathon on Sunday, October 21.

The Saturday, October 20 service at 5 p.m. will be available for streaming all day on Sunday, October 21 on


3 Ways to Rally your Faith and Up your Game with Grace!


Explore your life and calling in the Mystery of Us Series!  How and where do you fit with God and others? We’ll be using Paul’s letter to the Ephesians to better equip us to know ourselves as God created us to be.  

The Mystery of Us Series begins the weekend of July 14 & 15 

Explore what frightens us and how we can better cope with issues in today’s world in the Unafraid Sermon Series beginning Sunday, August. 19. Dive deeper by reading the book Unafraid by Adam Hamilton. More details to come on available study groups in Grace in Mission. 

Unafraid begins the weekend of August 18 & 19 
We know ourselves, we’ve explored the fears that hold us back, but do we know how to long for God in a world so filled with distractions and opportunities? Explore the "more" and the ‘"enough" in our Enough Series beginning the weekend of October 6 & 7.  More details to come on available study groups in Grace in Mission.

"Enough" begins the weekend of October 6 & 7