A God-Soaked Lent

By Rev. Cindy Marino

The Beatitudes describe life in God’s kingdom. And is it ever different!  As we have been discovering in worship since the first of the year, we are never far from water, i.e. God’s presence. We have everything we need to enter a way of life that is fearless, honest and full in a way we never expected possible!

Author Chris Webb calls this the God-soaked life. It includes “a daily experience of God through silence, Scripture and prayer; and a new life of love and service in the broken world around us.” (Webb, 2017)

There’s no substitute that satisfies. 

In today’s world, we find people looking to political figures to save them, to mega church pastors, to new scientific findings, to the next best diet or fashion statement or another child or a different partner or a new job. We place blame for failure to attain happiness on those ‘others’ who would block our progress. Diving fully into a ‘side’ in any debate cuts out a piece of the whole that is hard to regain. Our divisions are like a line in the water, arbitrary and unsustainable from God’s view. Our efforts to find wholeness in this way are endless and endlessly futile.

This Lenten season, we as the church can intercede for those who are searching. We can be the safe place to wrestle with the issues. We can invite them to enter the water with us. We can refuse to be placed in a bucket when a deluge of love is available to us and to all. We can choose to listen, to understand, to refuse to reject if we can’t accept. We can agree to disagree in love. 

Grace is a place and a people. And the love here is contagious. May it drench your soul with the peace of Christ and may you flourish in the God-soaked life!