A Not So Terrible Parable

On Mother’s Day weekend, the Children’s Music Ministry will share a musical like none they’ve ever done before. Their musical, A Not So Terrible Parable, is a fun, over-the-top WHODUNIT mystery set in 1939 at the quaint Mountain Vista Inn in Simpleville. Alistair McAlister, host of Master’s Peace Theater, welcomes all and introduces us to a mysterious cast of characters including: Guy Random (a real estate investor), Grace Mountain-Vista (the proprietor of the Inn), Ricki Blaine (the famous detective), Jenny Barrister (a lawyer), Brooks Binder (a door-to-door Bible salesman), Samantha Ayrton (the pizza delivery girl), and, of course, as everyone knows, no mystery can be told without a maid (Yvette), and a butler (Jeeves).

“It was a dark and stormy night... a man lay injured by the side of the road. Two travelers passed him by. Mysteriously, he is delivered to the doorstep of the quaint Mountain Vista Inn, where the startled guests must use their wits to sleuth out every clue to get to the bottom of this mystifying whodunit.”

All are invited to join us on Friday, May 12, at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, May 14 (Mother’s Day),  at 11 a.m. for all the mystery... danger... surprise... and truth!!