Are You Living a God-Soaked Life?

By Barb Ceruti

Do you have thoughts or questions about your baptismal covenant or what it means to live a God-soaked life? Contribute to our 2019 Lenten book of devotions! 

You're free to express yourself however you wish but if you'd like little guidance, here are some questions to ponder, based on Chris Webb's book God-Soaked Life:


  • What does your baptism mean to you?

  • Where in everyday life do you see God?

  • What does it mean to repent? Do you think it’s necessary?

  • What is your favorite Bible passage, and why?

  • Why do you think Jesus came to earth? Would you recognize Him if He came back?

  • Do you like being in or near water? Why or why not?

  • Are you comfortable being among God’s broken people? Why or why not?

  • Do you have a deep-seated yearning for intimacy with God?

  • When or where do you feel closest to God?

  • Have you ever felt forsaken or abandoned by God?

  • Based on page 106 of God-Soaked Life, how would you describe the “whatness” of God?

  • Could you love someone who will never love you back?

  • When have you experienced consolation? Desolation?

  • How is the Kingdom of God like a community of love?

Devotions in written form, as well as poems, drawings and photographs, are welcome. Feel free to include a Bible passage, hymn or prayer.  Click here for ideas to help you get started and submission guidelines, or pick up a brochure in the Church Office. Submit your devotions to Barb Ceruti ( no later than Friday, February 1. Please limit copy to 300 words and art to 5.5" x 8" in size. Questions? Contact Barb Ceruti (