CHANGES in 2018!

By Rev. Cindy Marino

PASTORAL CARE – Call the Church Office!  New Emergency Number

   Grace pastors want to be present with you in your time of need. We each count that as a sacred privilege and part of our call as pastors; but we cannot be there if we are unaware of a need. The hospitals do not notify us if you’re admitted. The prayer team does not have the responsibility of passing along information concerning specific needs. Your friend does not always remember to let us know. The only way pastors will know you’re in need is if you, or someone on your behalf, calls the Church Office (630-355-1748).  Your phone call initiates the process of care. 

   We have created an emergency number to give you faster access to a pastor after hours. The emergency number is given on the voice message you will hear when calling the Church Office after hours. When you use the emergency number your call will be forwarded to the pastor on call, who will either answer your call, or return it as soon as possible. We will do our best to assure you we always have a pastor within reach for emergency situations, but you still must call the Church Office first!

And the People Shall Lead …

   In the United Methodist Church, ministries of prayer, serving, compassion, administration, teaching, mission, etc. are ministries of the people. Pastors are not the only ones qualified to teach, or to pray, or to organize a ministry. If you have a heart for God, we need you to offer your passions and skills to help shape the present and future of Grace. See a need that’s not being addressed? Perhaps that’s God nudging you to step in!   It won’t happen without you!

   Please prayerfully fill out the nomination form available at the Welcome Center. Tell us a little about yourself: are you task oriented or a people person? Love meetings or hate meetings? Long-time member or brand new? Strong in your faith in God or exploring what that means. We will call those who turn in a form and talk with you about where your gifts might best fit. The Administrative Committees of Finance, Staff-Parish Relations and Trustees serve three-year terms. Other ministries offer more flexible participation. For more information, review the directory mailed to members or pick up one at the Welcome Center. It’s time to be the change you want to see!