Children's Christmas Book Review

A Very Merry Christmas Prayer was written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrated by Natalia Moore. This children's book features eye-catching images of Christmas scenes that connect us to gifts for which we can be thankful.  It reads like a poem and eloquently builds a relationship between our current symbols of Christmas and the historical birth of Jesus Christ.  

For example, the strings of lights that remind us of the star that leads the wise men; our warm cozy beds reflective of the manger that kept Jesus warm; Christmas songs that remind us of the host of angels that were there.  Other gifts mentioned are green trees that remind us of the glory of God filling the earth and yummy treats made with love just like the love God gives us. 

This title reminds us to be thankful for the intangible gifts this Christmas and makes the connection between Christ's birth and the symbols we see today.  This book is highly recommended and available in the Grace UMC Library for all of our families, along with several newly-acquired titles for all ages.  Please check them out!