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Christmas At Trinity Methodist Church in Joliet, IL

By Ruth Allison

Trinity UMC, Grace UMC’s sister church in Joliet, blessed us once again with wonderful food and fellowship as we celebrated Christmas together.  People from Grace traveled to Trinity this year, bringing love, presents (and our presence) and food. Our friends at Trinity greeted us with a wonderful time of music, food and fellowship. 

The Christmas celebration was organized by the Religion and Race Committee with Sisters Bible Study members lending helping hands. A very special thank you to the many, many shoppers at Grace who helped these children learn the gift of unconditional love. Thanks to Erin O’Brien and Traci Limes for making and organizing the tags. Thanks to the Newells from Grace for renting the van, Bob Elazan, Margaret Harrison, the White family, Linda Kottis, Cathy Bozett, Harold and LuRay Workman and Bob Allison who helped fill the van, distribute the gifts and participate in the celebration. We also distributed the many hats, scarves, and gloves you placed on the Christmas tree, collected by Ginnie Battle through her Emmaus group and family. A special thanks to Pastor Tammy and her daughters Hannah and Haylee, who bring love and energy to every outing!

Going forward, I’m hoping our church might consider helping Trinity raise funds to improve their facility. There is always more we can do to assist our friends in sharing the true meaning of Christmas. It was my sincere privilege to represent Grace UMC at Trinity this year.