Churches' Cumulative Positive Effect on Society

There is no shortage of organizations across the world appealing for financial support. And while there are many good causes to invest in, there is only one that will make an “eternal impact,” and that is the local church. 

You might look at just one church in your community and wonder if it has any measurable, significant, real effect. But when you consider all the churches in all the communities across the country and all that they individually do, the collective positive impact is massive.  

It is amazing that the church continues after 2,000 years, given all the flaws of its people. Consider this a testament to the strength of the broader church. We continue being the church, with all our flaws, only because of God’s grace. 

Because of God’s grace, we are allowed to keep trying to continue His mission on earth of bringing the message of Jesus and His love to those in the world who will listen. We respond by being present in our communities, helping those in need of food, shelter, clothing, and of knowing God. 

Churches in America are in ministry within their respective communities but cannot address all needs alone. Yet, when you combine all the things all churches of many different faiths do collectively, you emerge with a tidal wave of positive effects on our communities all across the nation and the world. 

The Church was created by Jesus. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says He will build His Church. This is the first time the word “church” appears in the New Testament. Jesus came down to earth and showed us the way to change the world by establishing the church. 

Many organizations aim to change the world, but only the Spirit-filled church has the ability to do it. No other organization can claim it was created by the Creator. By starting the church, Jesus started a movement of people united around the idea that through Him, we can have a relationship with God, and by following Him we can change the world.

God’s plan to change the world is the global church, the church working in unity to change the hearts of all people by telling them about Jesus. The Gospel changes people’s hearts by teaching theological wisdom—processing all experiences, both positive and negative, through the lens of God’s Word, not man’s secular knowledge and experiences. 

The church teaches the connection and relationship with God through the Holy Spirit that is always present and ready to engage with us if we just pray and listen. Only Jesus can change us from the inside out, giving us the desire to focus on the needs of others within our communities. Only a relationship with 
Jesus helps us take the focus off of ourselves and seek to fill the needs of others. 

Some people in need obtain help through secular organizations. How is the church different from a secular organization? The answer is in the “why” of the church. Jesus taught us to take care of those in need in two ways: 1) by providing their earthly needs of food, shelter, and clothing; and 2) by filling their spiritual needs with the story of Jesus, Who, through love and grace, provides the opportunity for salvation. 

This “why” is the difference between a secular organization and the church. The church improves the local community and eventually society as a whole, as all the churches participate in the cumulative positive effects on society, revealing God’s love and grace.