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Please continue to bring your mask so you can be ready to show kindness in wearing it when needed.
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Clean Your Trash Bins Fundraiser

Is your garbage can stinking, your recycling bin a mess?  Do you want to replace them?  Have they been put to the test?  Hold on for a minute, we have an option for you.  There’s a fundraiser brewing that will help our youth too.  We’ve partnered with Eco Trash Bin Clean. They come to your home.  It’s an amazing thing.  Your containers are washed, sanitized, shined.  It’s the craziest thing you’ll ever find.  Your stinky old bins come out looking like new.  The best part is they smell awesome too.  

So don’t hesitate, call or text today. Ask your friends to call too. Don’t delay. The more who participate, the more money we make.  It’s a win-win situation for goodness sake! Thanks in advance for helping us out!  We can’t do it without you—there’s no doubt!  

Eco Trash Bin Clean comes to your home, uses their equipment to clean and sanitize your garbage containers.  For best results, consider setting up your appointment for the day after your garbage pick-up.  For each appointment made with Eco Trash Bin Clean, Grace Youth Summer Missions will make $5.  Please help us get the word out to your friends and neighbors by copying the post on the Grace Facebook page and re-posting to any Facebook page(s) with which you are affiliated. You may also simply share the phone number and our code word “Grace." You may also visit to learn more about the services provided.

For appointments, text or call 630-352-8022. Contact Gaye Lynn Loufek ( for more information.