Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

By Barb Ceruti

About three months ago, Pastor Cindy let me know that our Children’s Faith Formation Director, Chamus Burnside-Savazzini, applied for a grant from United Methodist Communications. Her request was approved, and there we were with advertising funds we could use at our discretion in the medium of our choice.

What did we choose? Theater advertising! You know, what you see when you’re eagerly anticipating the start of your film and looking at anything that comes across the big screen. Talk about a captive audience!

What began with Chamus’ forethought and tenacity in acquiring the grant grew into a creative process that involved some noteworthy individuals: Pastor Cindy Marino, Pastor Daniel Cochran, Lynn Leitzen, Khris Kahle, myself and my son, Paul Ceruti.

As is the case with most group efforts, we approached this from different perspectives and creative visions.

Khris, for one, is Creative Director at ABC7 Chicago/Disney ABC Television. His expertise is a rare gift…and his early warning that 15 seconds is virtually nothing rang true over and over!

Lynn has the honor and privilege of sharing God’s love with children through song and music as well as with families at our new 9:00am Gathering in the Activity Center.

Pastors Daniel and Cindy lead our worship and faith formation with open and loving hearts, minds and doors toward all people.

My son Paul has experience in video production and a great fondness for his home church that sent him on a mission to Kenya.

In a face-to-face meeting in our new gathering space at Grace and through countless emails, our team identified what we would convey in this mere speck of time to people who could be any religion (or none), any color of the rainbow, any sexual orientation, gender identity, class, creed, etc. The world was ours to capture…in 15 seconds.

With Pastor Daniel writing and narrating and Paul producing the video, we created something we hope will bring audiences to our website and, most importantly, to Christ.

Check out your favorite movies at Ogden 6 this holiday season, and make sure to get there in time for the previews!

Ogden 6
1227 E. Ogden Avenue in Naperville
All screens, every day
November 22, 2019 – January 31, 2020