Confirmation 2021-2022

Until 1945 there were only two age categories of people: children and adults. At that time, a 12-year old was deemed old enough to run the family farm and thus “graduated” from the title of child to that of adult.  In 1945 there was recognition that 12-18-year old people exhibited behaviors and abilities somewhere between that of children and adults and thus became known as teenagers. The church recognizes 12-year old youth as adult Christians, encouraging a 12-year old to choose to profess publicly an intention to continue learning and growing in faith, thus confirming his/her/their baptism.

All 8th grade youth are invited (and encouraged) to join Pastor Eric Blachford and Gaye Lynn Loufek on Sunday evenings (6 p.m. -7 p.m.) for Confirmation at Grace. 

Our first gathering will be on September 12 when youth AND parents/guardians are invited to come learn a bit more about this exciting opportunity. Confirmation will be a time for relationship building and spiritual growth through field trips, class time, worship attendance, and special fellowship events.

If you are in 8th Grade (or have an 8th Grade student) and have not received information regarding Confirmation, please contact Pastor Eric ( or Gaye Lynn ( as soon as possible so we may provide the appropriate information and welcome you into the class. 

Those planning to participate in Confirmation must RSVP no later than Sunday, September 5, at