Easter Disrupter!

It’s no secret that I love my dogs.  Pastors are told they need to have ‘hobbies.’  So, I consider my dogs to be my ‘hobby.’  That gets me off the hook with my District Superintendent. (It also is helpful to said District Superintendent as I occasionally dog sit for his newly acquired ‘rescue,’ Shadow.) 

This morning, as I worked on my laptop in the family room, Sophie, aged 12 1/2 was curled up beside me on the sofa, nicely tucked in on top of a velvety soft throw, comfortable and content.  

Earlier that morning, Shadow had wrestled a bit with the same throw, leaving part of it on the sofa and part draped over onto the floor. Annie, my little rescue, now 2 1/2, had labored long and hard to churn the available corner of the throw on the floor into a cozy nest there next to the sofa. She also was comfortable and content.Enter Shadow. Without warning, she grabbed the edge of the throw nearest Annie and pulled with all her muscular might. You can imagine the result. Annie and Sophie both went flying, their naps disrupted, their neatly nested beds now sprawled across the floor. They looked at Shadow with hair disheveled and faces expressing annoyance, as only dogs can. 

And then playtime ensued. 

We all need a disrupter in our lives. It’s easy to be comfortable and content and to miss the challenges and the joys. The greatest disrupter ever was Jesus. He pulled the blanket out from under those who had nested themselves into a comfortable life of exclusion. He spread the blanket of compassion across the world reaching the forgotten and lonely, tugging at the hearts of those with more than their share. 

This season of Easter, (and yes, we celebrate Easter season until May 20, the Day of Pentecost, and we continue celebrating Easter every Lord’s Day/Sunday thereafter) let us allow the love of God in the gift of Jesus Christ, through the real presence of Christ in the Holy Spirit, to disrupt our comfort and expand our sphere of care. Let us allow the changes we experience to take us deeper into all God asks of us. Let us watch for the joy that ensues when we participate in the mission before us, however disheveled we might feel. May playful and loving relationships be yours, Happy Easter!

Pastor Cindy, Sophie, Annie and yes, Shadow.