Evolution of the Teachers’ Garden

By Betty Long


The Garden in Honor of our Teachers near the Activity Center entrance has evolved since its early days.  First, the garden was all red geraniums.  Then some pink geraniums crept in. I thought “that’s fine, not all our teachers are the same.” Since enough geraniums to fill the space was an expensive recurring charge, I added some perennials to cut down the area switched to annuals. In the beginning these plants adhered to a color scheme, so as to have large blocks of color. Deeper thinking about who constitute our teachers brought me to the conclusion that our teachers are of all ages, different backgrounds, and many viewpoints.  Not all are dubbed “teacher” either. Anyone who shares how to do something, or opens another’s mind to a new concept, is a teacher. So now I plant a kaleidoscope of color to honor ALL the teachers of our lives.

This garden began sometime after 2002, when a generous member donated funds to landscape the main parking area of the church. In the early years, I planted geraniums that were left-over tokens of appreciation given by Grace Education to children’s teachers at the end of the school year. Former member Sue Schofield thought we should have a sign in the garden, and created one. Gradually, it evolved such that Education directly funded annuals planted there. For some time now, plantings have been funded by the church Trustees. Thank you!

Grace Gardeners would welcome more of us! Most of our church gardens require much less work than this one. Grace Gardeners participation varies. Typically gardeners tend a designated area; some have been involved with planning and planting; others cut brush. Contact Betty Long (b-long6120@sbcglobal.net) for more information.