Feed the Need MobilePack

By Gay Craig

If a hungry child approached you, and all you had in your pocket was a quarter, what could you buy that child? A quart of milk, a pizza slice, a hamburger or hot dog, a cup of soup? A quarter will not buy much, and certainly not anything, that could nourish a child for an entire day. Yet, Feed My Starving Children can turn that quarter into a nutrient-rich meal that will feed a starving child with one meal a day, give him/her hope for a future--and give you three cents change. Multiply that quarter by hundreds of thousands, and the blessings grow exponentially

Your helping hands are vital. Please join Grace members and thousands of volunteers on February. 18 and 19 at North Central College at the FMSC 2017 MobilePack. This year’s goal is 1.2 million meals during five packing shifts on one weekend. Our church’s preliminary commitment is 150 slots to pack 35,000 meals costing $6,600. Packing slots are open to anyone five years old and older (for children, adult to child ratios apply). Previous experience and special skills are not required, and new volunteers are always welcome! 

Jesus told Peter that if he loved our Lord, Peter should feed Jesus’ sheep and lambs. The children’s choirs have taken that instruction to heart, and have already raised $1,153 toward the boxes of meals they will gather to pack and bless at the MobilePack. This annual opportunity teaches them, and all of us, how impactful we become when we put our faith into action. 

Your financial help is essential.  We are close to meeting our dollar commitment, additional funding will allow the event to exceed 1.2 million meals. Please prayerfully consider feeding a child for one year with a contribution of $80, or subsidizing a packer for one shift with a $50 contribution. Of course, any amount is helpful and appreciated. There are envelopes in the pews for your convenience. Checks should be payable to Grace UMC, with Feed My Starving Children on the memo line.

Registration for our packing slots will be the last two Sundays in January between the Sunday services, in the Activity Center. Volunteers are necessary in behind-the-scenes support positions, such as check-in, greeting, ushering, hospitality, and set-up and clean up. For additional information, please email Gay Craig at gaygcraig@ sbcglobal.net, or visit www.feedtheneedillinois.org, or FeedTheNeedIL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.