From Filling Slots to Developing Leaders.

No one ever wants to serve on a Nominations Committee. The typical process by which it does its work to fill out all the other church committees is to develop lists of people they know, people who have served before, or people whose term of service is coming to an end. The list is divided amongst committee members who call the unsuspecting nominees to arm-twist them into serving. In other words, they work to fill the slots. 

In 2004, The United Methodist Church realized this wasn’t working, and replaced it with a loftier vision that integrates serving with discipleship — the process of growing in our faith. 

This new committee is called the Committee on Lay Leadership Development. The responsibilities of this committee are to: assist persons in the congregation to identify their gifts and skills for service; assist in the nurture and development of Christian spiritual leadership; identify and recommend persons for service in the various ministry areas; equip by training and support; deploy persons for effective witness and service in ministry tasks; and identify competencies needed for a variety of ministry tasks.

These responsibilities are especially important as we work to secure the best persons possible for the elected leadership of Grace Church. Every person in the church has something to offer — a gift to share with others. We serve God by using those gifts and by calling forth the gifts we see in others.

As members of the body of Christ, we are called to use our gifts and finest qualities in ways that fulfill God’s purposes. The growth and ministry of a local congregation and of the church as a whole depend on the careful linking of these gifts and needs. When this linkage occurs, lives are enriched, ministry ensues, and God’s purposes are fulfilled. When it fails to happen, the whole body of Christ suffers.

The Committee on Lay Leadership Development has the privilege of linking persons who have gifts to share with opportunities to meet specific needs within our congregation and community. This is no simple task. It requires hard work and a strong commitment, but it can be a joyous and rewarding experience helping persons discover and use their gifts in ministry. People are the most valuable resource in the life of any church. It is with them, and with careful leadership and guidance, the church proclaims Christ’s good news to the world. 

The ministry of a local church moves forward, falters, or grinds to a halt based in large part on the work done by the Committee on Lay Leadership Development.

This is more than filling slots, and it will take time for Grace’s team to become fully empowered for this call to identify and deploy people into ministry. 

But by connecting people with ways to serve that honor their gifts, passions and availability, we honor God and we work toward the building of God’s kingdom here and now. Watch for more information!

Source: Guidelines for Leading a Congregation