Funding, Scheduling, and Additional Projects

Funding and Scheduling

The Glenna Holloway Estate Gift was truly a faith-inspired contribution by Glenna, coming at exactly the time when our Grace Vision Team had completed recommendations and had begun efforts to plan actions. We can truly say that the work described in previous pages is “Glenna’s Gift” and will enable Grace to be positioned for a new cycle of revitalization moving into the 21st century. We have worked with Grace Foundation to provide capital funds that we believe will be sufficient to cover our Renovation Project costs. This means we do not expect there to be a need for a Capital Campaign. This enables us the freedom to plan scope and timing of the project with greater certainty and confidence.

The available funds (~$2M) are under the auspices of Church Council. The Building Committee will review plans, budget, and spending recommendations with Church Council for approval. Once we have developed our next round of refined costs for the project, we will plan a Church Conference, open to all Grace Members, where the latest information will be shared and explained. We will also hold an advisory vote of members to assess the level of support as a guide for Church Council in considering approval to go forward with the project.

We have tentatively blocked times during the summer months for construction, though firm scheduling commitments will not be possible until construction documents are completed and we have accepted bids and signed a contract. We anticipate that will happen in April.

Additional Maintenace Projects (Spring/Summer 2018) ** 

Music Department Habitability

For many years singers, bell ringers, and Music Staff have put up with a poor level of environmental control for their lower level offices and practice rooms. One side is below ground level (Children's practice room) and has no windows, while the other side faces southwest overlooking the Lacy Garden, catching the summer setting sun. The one thermostat for this whole area is in the windowless Children's practice room, rendering rooms facing the courtyard hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Further, the air circulation system was never configured to completely match the way the rooms were built out, so ventilation has always been a problem.
As part of our renovation effort, we have developed a plan to correct these ventilation problems and install zones with controlling thermostats for each of our Music rooms. We expect this will greatly enhance comfort throughout the year for one of our most valued assets, the Music Program at Grace. Additionally, we recognize that some components of the HVAC system supporting the Counting Room, Music Library, Children’s Supply Room, and rooms under the Activity Center are not working properly. As part of this same project, we will make the necessary repairs to restore proper function.

Grace Sprinkler System

One discovery related to our renovation project is that any structural work we plan to do in the church will trigger a need to complete the installation of sprinklers throughout the facility for safety considerations. Our original building was built before this code requirement and has only smoke detectors. When the second segment was built out, Grace received an exemption from having to put sprinklers in everywhere. We can’t do that a second time, so an integral part of the work we’ll do will be to ensure sprinklers are installed throughout the facility. This includes: 
• Both the upper and lower levels of the Education Wing
• Fireside Room, Kitchen, Fellowship Hall
• Chapel, Sacristy, Anteroom, Organ Chamber, and Sanctuary
We have consulted with Reuter Organ Company concerning implications for our organ. The President, JR Neutel, indicated that this is a code requirement that they have also had to accommodate in other churches, so we will work with them to guard the organ against damage while still achieving compliance with the fire code.

** There will be more information coming about other important projects related to the Grace Building in future articles. Stay Tuned! **