Get Connected at Grace UMC

By Rev. Cindy Marino

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  George Bernard Shaw.

   Grace UMC is blessed and burdened with the variety of ways available to send and receive information. The leadership can think we’re getting the message out, only to hear people say, “I didn’t know about that!” We can’t be content with the "illusion that communication has taken place."  We really do want folks to hear our message.

   As we begin this new fall season, we thought we would describe the various ways we use to "get the message out."  Whether you do so by serving, praying, learning, leading, giving, meeting or worshipping, participating in the life of the church is only possible when you’re "in the know." And participating is too important to be left to chance. Our faith is our life.  

   We strive to partner with you to provide information that is timely, accurate, accessible and efficiently produced at the lowest cost possible. The one thing we can’t do, is read it for you. Please read the Communications insert for a listing of our publications and to find out how to continue receiving Grace Notes through the mail after January 1, 2018. Be watching for them, read them and be "in the know!" 

Grace Connect

   In today’s multimedia world, it is important for the church to know how you best receive information: mail, phone call, email, text, social media? Grace Connect is our online organizer and directory serving staff and Grace members. Grace Connect tells us where to find you, how to get you what you need and what most interests you. Staff and leadership have been using Grace Connect for over a year now. 

It’s been especially helpful to:

•    Notify teams and committees of meetings, send minutes and updates
•    Provide a safe children’s check-in and attendance system
•    Take class attendance
•    Schedule meetings, classes, events and produce room-use calendars
•    Provide room setup instructions for our custodial staff
•    Send the weekly eblast to your group or class
•    Enter and track contributions
•    Enter and track worship attendance
•    Send sign-up opportunities to serve

In the future, we hope to use it to record other information you might provide, such as your skills, spiritual gifts inventory and availability, so we can better connect you to serving, learning and fellowship opportunities.

If you have not yet accessed Grace Connect, here’s how!

   Beginning the week of September 5, we will be sending emails to all persons who have given us their email address. This email will contain a link to activate and create a login for Grace Connect. Again, this is only for persons who have not already had access to Grace Connect. If you have forgotten your password or need a new activation link, please email Pastor Tammy ( 

   If you do not receive an activation link during the week of September 5, you may visit ( to request a login. (Steps to request a login: scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Grace Connect Login Here”, then click Sign Up under the login bar; finally, fill in the required information. Please give us 2-3 business days to process your request.) You may also email Pastor Tammy ( to request a login.