Grace Church Foundation 2019 Ministry Support

By Scott Oats

The Grace Church Foundation is grateful for those that have given, continue to give and who have included the Foundation in their wills, trusts or other financial instruments. Your gifts are being used to help meet the needs of those in our church, community and broader world.  

As you know, Grace completed a major renovation in 2019.  The Glenna Holloway Fund provided the majority of funding for this important initiative and the Glenna Holloway Endowment will provide future support for the church’s ministries.  

The Foundation also provided another $55,000 in 2019 for the ministries of the church.  The Foundation does this through the accumulation of donations over many years from generous members that included the Foundation in their wills or from outright gifts.

Ministries impacted in 2019:
•  Children’s ministry - computers and equipment were purchased to allow for electronic Sunday school check-in/out and name tags.                     
•  Youth ministry – scholarships were provided for Side by Side.
•  Continuing education – sent youth to a training/development program and provided a scholarship for a youth attending North Central College.
•  Open Doors Ministry – furnishings were purchased for the new Sensory Room.       
•  Music ministry – funding for Evensong concerts.
•  Church-wide programs – support was provided for Friends and Family Events, Marketing, Holy Wednesday service, Fall Festival, and the new Gatherings Service.
•  Building and grounds – funds were provided for the renovation project and landscaping. 

Endowments and funds used in 2019:  
•  Continuing Education Endowment
•  Endowment for Youth Ministry
•  Herbert and Mardelle Fleming Kitchen Endowment
•  Scott McFarlan Ministries for Children Endowment    
•  North Central College Tuition Endowment
•  Roberts Youth Trip Scholarship Endowment
•  Kline Christian Initiative Endowment
•  Grace UMC Landscaping Endowment
•  Reid Family – Open Doors Ministry Endowment
•  Maxine and Julian Voss Endowment for Youth Ministry
•  Robert Lehman North Central College Scholarship Endowment
•  Eric Harrison Plummer Memorial Fund
•  Vahtra Evensong Fund
•  Non-designated Memorial Funds

The Foundation thanks all our donors.  Your gifts are helping to develop our children and youth’s faith, enriching the lives of our members and community, and making our Church a welcoming place.

Foundation Board Members: Scott Oats, President, and Secretary; Jo Ellen Bender, Vice President; Peggy Nasti, Treasurer; Bob Long, Ron Laub, Gina Gramarosso, John Abe and John Minger