Grace Community Builder Groups Strengthen Our Congregation


Grace Community Builders was conceived as a means to build a stronger sense of community within our church. As members meet each other, a greater sense of community derives from their deep, multiple connections.

Each Grace Community Builders (GCB) Group is composed of six people. Each Community Builder will spend approximately one hour a week with one of the other participants in his/her Group. There is a pairing sheet that identifies each Community Builder and who they will meet with each of the five weeks. It provides phone numbers, email addresses, and a numbered list of participants. It is used to identify who each person will meet with each week.

There is no set agenda — what is discussed is up to the two participants. Most often the topics include a bit of personal history when each person started attending services at the church, and what s/he is involved within the church or outside of the church.

The weekly meetings are meant to be short (about an hour). Each meeting is set up between the two people who are planning to meet within the next week. The time and place are totally up to each pair. Because of COVID-19, the options for a meeting have changed.  Before the pandemic, most people found that meeting at a public place for coffee or an informal lunch or breakfast was the most inviting place to meet, but now a place where a restaurant has outside space available is a good choice. Face to face meetings are preferred, but FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom also can work.

Grace Community Builders is one of the Church’s foundational steps that help equip our members to understand one another better and to participate in the outreaches of our church to do the Lord’s work. Contact Bill Fronk ( to join a group or get more details.