Grace Community Builders

By Bill Fronk

Invitation to Join Grace Community Builders 

Don’t miss your opportunity to join a Grace Community Builders Group (GCB). Get to know other members of our church better, have an enjoyable experience and help instill a greater overall sense of community in our church. 

GCB groups are comprised of six people who meet, with one different person from the group, each week over a period of five weeks. There is a participant sheet which identifies each person and who they will meet with that week. At the conclusion of the five weeks, there will be a potluck dinner for each participant and his/her spouse, significant other or friend. Each meeting is set up between the two people who are planning to meet that week. They decide the time and place. The discussions are wide-ranging and fit the comfort level of those involved.

Join a GCB Group now and get to meet the other wonderful people from our church. The friendships that have developed through these meetings is amazing.  Do you have to be a member of Grace UMC to participate? ..... Absolutely not!  You only need to want to get to know the people of Grace better and have them know you. 

The next groups will begin the week of January 21. Deadline to sign up is Friday, January 9. Contact Bill Fronk ( for more information or to sign up.