Grace Goes - Into The Woods!

By Dayna Tarr

An Update from Your Grace UMC Board of Trustees

Grace UMC has 14 acres of the most beautiful wooded grounds in the Naperville area. It takes a lot of work to keep it beautiful! Many of you may have noticed the clearing of some of the wooded areas. Perhaps you have seen the large piles of limbs and logs? Jenna Kraskiewicz, the Grace Trustee who oversees our woods, has a great passion for the outdoors. How fortunate are we that she came onto the Trustee board with a passion in this area right at the time we needed her guidance. God does pull our talents together like that. Jenna has been working tirelessly with volunteers to pay close attention to our marvelous oak trees and their care, making room for their growth.

This restoration work in the woods may soon be reflected on the inside of Grace. Grace Projects Team led by John Bodine, is working with JNKA Architects to come up with a masterplan to better align the facility with the missions of Grace Church and make way for new growth inside. There will be lots of updates on this project along the way.

Lastly, a very special thanks to member Steve Piper with Piper and Sons, Inc. who continues to bless Grace Church with his talents and generosity by trimming the large trees, hauling away the logs and limbs for Jenna's team as well as donating the mulch around the property. If you get a chance, please thank Steve for all he does for Grace.

So into the woods we all go together - sharing our time and talents to continue the ministries of Grace for future generations.