Grace Home Visitors

By Danielle Keethler

One of the most important ministries within Grace church is one of the most basic. Simply being there for a member of our church family who is no longer able to attend regularly. Bringing news, conversation, a listening ear and the gift of presence.

Grace Home Visitors is a group of faithful volunteers who regularly visit the shut-ins within our church. Their visits are intended to keep all of our church family connected and let them know that the people of Grace care about them. Without exception, this ministry has been a blessing to all who have participated.

We currently have eleven active Grace Home Visitors who call on approximately 15 people regularly. The pastoral staff then receives news of these visits and can provide spiritual help and support as needed. The current visitors include Doug Bowden, Bill Bryan, Bill Harrison, Barbara Hoch, Bob Keethler, Carol Muscato, Jim Nelson, Letty Peters, Ray Seidlitz, Ro Willard, and Tina O’Kulich. They have been the hands of Jesus as they serve in this ministry.

If you would like to serve others in this powerful way or if you know of someone who would like a visit, please contact the Church Office at (630) 355-1748 or Danielle Keethler at Your eyes and ears contribute enormously to the success of this program.