Grace Offices

By expanding the Narthex to create a spacious Gathering Area, we need to relocate Grace Offices. Taking into account member concerns and input during the development of the Master Plan, a design emerged which constructs a reception desk adjacent to the Narthex elevator (where the cloakroom now stands) with sliding glass windows back into a new office area. 
This will enable the receptionist to remain in close contact with the Administrative Assistant and other Grace staff. An open office space with visitor seating and four workstations behind the reception desk will open to a corridor past four enclosed offices to a workspace central to four clergy offices. This workspace will have a small copier/printer and counter space for small project work.

The need for a large Supply/Copy/Work Room will be accommodated by converting Room 224, adjacent to Grace Library. Shelving will be constructed to accommodate office supplies, our major printing/copying systems will reside there, as will our rather noisy folding machine which prepares mailings, and weekly bulletins for Sundays. While a little less convenient than the current Supply Room, it will be more spacious and just around the corner.

This layout will provide the opportunity, at last(!), to have all Staff located together, though there will always be a need for the Music Department to have hideaways for trying out new music and worship concepts that won’t disturb others! We anticipate many benefits from this highly collaborative office layout. (Larger Floor Plan available in the Church Office.)