Grace UMC Foundation Supports Many Grace Ministries in 2018

By Scott Oats

The Foundation provided $70,000 of support for new initiatives and current ministries in 2018. These activities are not normally included in the annual budget.  The Foundation does this through the accumulation of donations over many years from generous members that included the Foundation in their wills or from outright gifts.  

        In 2018, the Foundation supported: 

          Leadership through continuing education        
          Youth Ministry                            
          North Central College Scholarships
          Children’s Faith Formation Ministry        
          Russian Initiative Ministry      
          Faith Build 2018
          Building and grounds improvements

        The Foundation funds and endowments used during 2018 were:

          Music of Grace Endowment                    
          Muriel Phillips Endowment for Music
          Building up the Church Education Fund              
          North Central College Scholarship Endowment
          Robert Lehman North Central College Scholarship Endowment    
          Joan Ritzer Memorial
          Holloway Endowment for International Ministries            
          Clarence Rickleff Memorial
          Holloway Endowment for Children’s Faith Formation Ministry  
          Kayton Youth Center Endowment
          Holloway Endowment for Youth Ministry and Outreach        
          Sparksomething Youth Development Project Fund
          Grace UMC Landscaping Endowment                 
          Rodney Gene Lacy Garden Memorial Fund

Not included in the above is the current renovation project.  The Glenna Holloway Fund is providing substantially all the funding for this large and important project.   
The Foundation is grateful for those who have given, continue to give and who have included the Foundation in their wills or trusts.  Your gifts are being used to help meet the needs of those in our church, community and broader world.  If you have any questions about the Foundation or how to make a planned gift please contact Scott Oats, Pastor Cindy, Pastor Daniel or any of the Foundation Board Members.
Foundation Board Members: Scott Oats, President and Secretary,  Jo Ellen Bender Vice President, Peggy Nasti Treasurer, Merle Clewitt, Bob Long, Ron Laub, Gina Gramarosso and John Abe.