Grace Welcomes New Staff

While wearing masks in the Grace Church building is keeping us safe, it’s also making it a little more difficult to get to know new faces. As January dawns, it’s a good time to introduce our most recent hires. 

Barb Ceruti
Communications Director

After leaving her job at a marketing agency last spring, Barb found herself toying with the idea of retiring. “While it was fun spiffing up my house and experimenting with new recipes, she remarked, “I had more to learn, more to do, more to give.”

When Lynn Leitzen told Barb that the role of communications director had opened at Grace, she felt God’s hand guiding her back to the position she held from 2007-2016.

“I knew that coming aboard during the Christmas season with a headache full of new technology to learn wasn’t going to be easy, but I was ready to go where God was leading me. Returning to work at Grace felt like coming home,” said the 20+-year Grace member and Praise Team vocalist. “It’s great to be back.”

Contact Barb with your news at 630-355-1748, ext. 3250 or

Missy Hoekstra
Pastoral Administrative Assistant

A Grace member since 1987, Missy grew up in our church and has volunteered her time and talents in various capacities over the years, including serving at the front desk reception area. 

“I love seeing all the wonderful people that make up our church family,” said the Naperville resident, who enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and her two sets of twin nieces and nephews. In addition to her new role at Grace, the former teacher lets her creative juices flow at Saraboo Creek, where she works 
part-time crafting handmade items. 

“I am very happy to be at Grace!” said Missy. 

Contact Missy for scheduling or other administrative needs at or 630-355-1748, ext. 3223. 

Oscar Olivares

“The best service you can do in life is working for God,” said Grace’s newest hire, Oscar Olivares, who came aboard during the height of the Christmas season. 

Oscar enjoys working in a church because, he says, “every work you do has some type of honor if you’re doing it for God.”
Oscar and his wife, Agnes, have four young children (aged 2-12) in whom they’re trying to instill good Christian values, such as helping others. A fan of the great outdoors, Oscar enjoys walking, bicycling, canoeing, camping and swimming. He also enjoys the company of others.

“I’m a communicative person; I like to be around people.” Next time you’re in the building, stop by and say hello to Oscar!

Contact Oscar for maintenance operations at 630-355-1748, ext. 3225 or

Also new to the Grace Office is Keia Carter, Accounting Coordinator with payroll responsibilities. Contact Keia at or 630-355-1748, ext. 3222.