Greetings and Update from the Music Ministry Search Committee Leadership!

By Rev. Cindy Marino

The Music Ministry Search Committee knows that we are all excited and ready to move forward with a new choir director and regular organist in place. The committee met several times over the months of June and July to clarify what our needs are, envision what we hope for the music program in the future, and discern how to best staff the worship and music program for future success. The outcome of this process is a realignment of responsibilities with several new positions moving forward:

Choir Director (for Chancel Choir and Evensong Singers)
Principal Organist and Accompanist
Music Coordinator
Technical Coordinator
Youth Choir Director 

We have received applications from several promising candidates for both the Choir Director and Principal Organist roles. Applicants have completed screening interviews on a rolling basis, with two additional rounds of interviews to come before a candidate is recommended to the Grace Staff Parish Relations Committee for hire. SPRC is watching the budget to be sure we are hiring within the means of the congregation. We appreciate your patience as we continue the important and necessary work of finding the right leaders for our music program moving forward. 

We do have the pleasure of announcing that Lynn Leitzen has accepted the position of Music Coordinator. Lynn has long been serving in this way behind the scenes between the children’s and adult programming, in addition to her other responsibilities for Children’s Music Ministry and the 9am Gathering Service Worship Leader. The Music Ministry Search Team and the SPRC see this as a great way to tap into Lynn’s institutional knowledge and experience, a wonderful use of her creative gifts, and a natural extension of her current position. This will also greatly assist a new director in making the best use of his or her time. The Music Coordinator’s responsibilities will not detract from Lynn’s current position and will truly allow Lynn to maximize her talents. The Music Coordinator does not have supervisory responsibilities over other music staff, but instead serves to communicate, coordinate, and facilitate existing and future programming. Congratulations, Lynn!

In other music news, Debbie John has agreed to serve as the interim director for the Adult Bell Choir. Debbie also currently directs the Children’s Bell Choir and will continue to do so.  

Thanks also to the hard work of Jim Stellmacher. Jim and his wife, Susan, and daughter Aurelia are new to Grace, but certainly not new to music ministry.  Jim has patiently and passionately guided this process to ensure the best possible outcome for Grace.

All of this brings us to the most important part of the music program - YOU! Without your participation, there is no music program at Grace. If ever you have considered the joy of serving through music, this is a wonderful opportunity as we welcome a new director. Whether you are new or a long-time participant, please take a few moments to register using this link so we know how to plan for the fall. Your responses determine our next steps and how we’re able to start moving back toward worshiping with the fullness of our voices in praise and singing!

Register at  for ADULT Choirs and Worship Technology! 

Register at for Children and Youth! 

Our choirs will be following the latest in COVID guidelines, which allow for smaller groups of singers, masked and distanced by three feet, singing for a maximum of 50 minutes in one space. We continue to move forward at Grace by considering what it is we can do, and doing it with faith, hope, love, passion and creativity!