Hamball Luncheon

By Phyllis Pepiot

The annual Hamball Luncheon will be held Friday, April 21, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Tickets for this almost 50-year old traditional United Methodist Women fundraiser, $12.00, are available in the church office, from circle members or at a table on Sunday morning. Hope you will find someone you can accompany or take with you to this lunch.
What is a hamball you may ask.  I like to say it is similar to a meatloaf with a ham taste but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  It is baked in a sweet and sour sauce.  

Many can't wait to come to the next Hamball Luncheon just because of these delicious delicacies.  They think that the luncheon makes a great thank you for co-workers or friends or just a fine dining place for a family lunch or community gathering. The meal which includes hot German potato salad, a wide variety of cold salads, roll, beverage and topped off by a slice of pie is hardy enough for any man.  Many women take part of the plate of food or the second hamball home for a future meal. Or the whole meal can be taken out to eat another time. The hamballs are good in a sandwich cold with a little mustard. 

The recipe came from a Methodist Church in Racine WS by way of two United Methodist Women members, Mardelle Fleming and Lorraine Spong.  The first luncheon here was held in 1970 at the Ellsworth Street location of Grace Church and called the Public Luncheon to emphasize the fact that all were invited to attend.  The selection of salads has evolved over the years.  In the beginning, cookies were served with sherbet for dessert.

This year copies of the recipes for the hamballs and the German potato salad as well as many of the salads will be offered for sale. 
All the luncheon proceeds support mission projects locally and worldwide.  For some of the ways the money was spent last year see the website: (https://www.peopleofgrace.org/united-methodist-women-missions).
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