Help Support Aunt Mary's Storybook Fundraiser May 1

By Barb Ceruti

On Sunday, May 1, 9:00am-12:00pm outside the Activity Center, Grace United Methodist Women will sponsor a fundraiser for Companions Journeying Together, Inc. to the benefit of the children and grandchildren of incarcerated parents.  

Jana Minor, the founder of Companions Journeying Together, was a recent speaker at the March UMW meeting. She spoke about the non-profit organization which provides a forum to personally impact the emotional, spiritual and social lives of the incarcerated and their families. This is an organization that  UMW has supported as a local mission for many years. 

This year, UMW has chosen to also help by sponsoring a fund raiser for the Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project. Jana launched this project in memory of her aunt, which today serves parents and their children in several county jails and state prisons. They record imprisoned parents or grandparents reading books to their children and send the recording and book to the child.

Here is how the people of Grace can help! On Sunday, May 1, a variety of books will be on display outside the Activity Center. These books will be for ages newborn through high school. The books will also reflect the diversity of the children served by Companions Journeying Together and the topics they enjoy. 

Worshippers on May 1 will be invited to choose one or more of the books. They will then donate the cost of the book, plus a few extra dollars to cover delivery costs. Monies raised will be used to cover all costs of the project.

Join us in supporting this organization that reaches out to incarcerated people in Illinois and helps them build and maintain healthy relationships with their loved ones!