Holy Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 17, approximately 128 people attended a special Holy Wednesday service in the Sanctuary journeying through Holy Week with a child-friendly message led by Pastor Daniel. Under the direction of Lynn Leitzen and her leadership team, our children’s choirs provided music for both worship and reflection.  

The service began in the front of the Sanctuary reflecting on Palm Sunday, anticipating Maundy Thursday, and transitioned to the back of the Sanctuary where the cross, draped in purple, was transformed to black (with the help of little hands eager to assist) for Holy Friday.  Children present were seated around the cross and assisted Pastor Daniel in adding clarity to just how Good Friday can be called “good” when we know it was the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

All were invited down to Fellowship Hall for a continued time of fellowship and celebration.  Pastor Daniel introduced Grace to the activity of Resurrection Gardens and 35 were uniquely created with supplies provided by our Grace Foundation through the Maxine and Julian Voss Endowment for Youth and the Scott MacFarland Endowment for Youth.  The evening continued with hand washing stations offered by Pastor Cindy and Pastor Daniel, a dinner of pizza, pasta and salad, and dessert in the form of birthday cake, as we all wished “Mr. Bob” Rothe (a long-time children’s choir volunteer) a very Happy Birthday! 

While Holy Wednesday services have happened at Grace in the past, this was our inaugural creation of Resurrection Gardens and dinner together, a collaborative effort among Children’s Music Ministry, Children’s Faith Formation, Youth Ministry and Pastors. 

Thank you to our Grace Church Foundation and to everyone who attended, planned or participated in any way so we might share in an evening of learning, fellowship, and memory-making during Holy Week. He is Risen!