“Be still and know that I AM God," Psalm 46:10  was the theme scripture for this year’s Hope@Home.  

During our time together, July 17-19, we were often reminded what it means to pay heed to that scripture.  We started each morning with our traditional Hope @ Home dance, shared in devotional time, and then headed out to be God’s hands and feet, right in our own backyard.

God was ever present as we experienced multiple ways of serving! We prepared baby bundles for Loaves and Fishes; made yummy brown bag lunches for PADS; visited our “pillars” of Grace and heard faith journey stories; toured Loaves and Fishes; packed meals with Feed My Starving Children; provided a carnival for the children/youth at Mooseheart; and prepared the Little Friends facility for a complete makeover of their second floor.

The theme of Hope@ Home was Breathe, and we learned how our scripture tied into that theme. Listening for God in our lives parallels the commonly used phrase, “just breathe."  To listen, we need to be silent (both words have the same letters) and be still.  Breathing happens voluntarily and involuntarily.  When we pay attention to our breathing we are often pausing, just as when we quiet ourselves enough to listen for God’s whisper. When we pause and take notice, remembering that our God is all powerful, loving, compassionate, full of mercy and Grace, we better understand the meaning of Psalm 46:10.

Thank you to everyone who helped provide this opportunity for our junior high students and our adults. Through monetary donations, fundraising support, prayer shawls, meeting space prep by our custodial staff, administrative work by our office staff, and prayer, we were able to be God’s hands and feet, sharing joy and hope with our neighbors in DuPage and Kane counties.

It truly takes a village to care for God’s children. We are grateful for all of those in the village of Grace Youth Ministry and Youth Summer Missions.