How is God Impacting Others Through You?

By Rev. Cindy Marino

Grace Church leadership is determining the amount of funds needed for the ministries of Grace UMC for 2020! Ultimately, our financial giving shapes the ministries and the impact of Grace UMC upon this community and the world. But to begin the process we consider the needs of the community and God's call upon us to address those needs. We pray that as we are able to adequately communicate those needs, God will provide the resources through faithful and generous givers.

We all want to know we’re making a difference in the lives of others. I give financially to a few organizations that have touched my heart over the years; for example, I support a child in Mexico. I find that I need to know that my dollars are having an impact on her life. When I receive a letter from “Cinthia," I want to see what she is learning. I want to know that as a result of my donations, she has enough to eat and is wearing clean clothes. I’m not investing in an organization when I give, I am investing in a person. It is a lot to ask for my small contribution. 

It’s the same for many of us as we contribute to the ministries of Grace Church. We want to see the impact our dollars are having. We want to know our gift is making a difference. How does your giving and engagement at Grace impact others? How is Grace making a difference in your life? Just as I want to see progress in my sponsored child, I want to know that Grace is finding success as we participate in Christ’s mission to make disciples for the transformation of the world. 

I invite you to share your answers to the above questions with me. Send an email ( or drop a note in the office. Please indicate whether I have permission to share your story of how this community of faith has impacted you or someone you know. I look forward to reading your stories and sharing some of them in the coming months.

Giving for the good of Grace UMC leads us to invest in Grace’s mission. And giving for the good of God’s mission through Grace UMC leads us to care beyond ourselves. Giving is part of our discipleship journey that leads to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ as we learn to trust in God for the resources. 

The leaders of Grace have worked hard to provide you with information about the finances of Grace by sending out the minutes and reports of the Church Council meetings. Grace is currently spending about a quarter of a million dollars less than five years ago. That’s an amazing achievement when you consider the level of ministries we provide.  

The funding (budgeting) process is clear: It is developed using amounts requested by various lay committees and staff. The requests are totaled and reviewed by our Finance Team and sent to Church Council for approval. Spending decisions throughout the year must comply with the Ministry Spending Plan (the budget) as approved. 

Currently, there is a draft proposal for 2020 ready for review. You are invited to attend a meeting with our Finance Team and Church Council leadership to review the proposed Ministry Spending Plan on Wednesday, October 2, at 7 p.m. in room 254. 

We hope to share with you the "Why" behind each of the amounts listed as they represent the ministries designed to impact people for Christ. Pray for Grace UMC and for discernment around how we steward the good gifts God has given us and prepare to invest in something with eternal impact. Celebrate the growth and impact we’ve already experienced!