Including Individuals with Dementia

The mission of the Open Doors Ministry is to welcome and support people of ALL abilities into the life of Grace UMC.  

Here are 6 easy suggestions we can all follow to help make Grace a more inclusive, comfortable church home for individuals with dementia:
      1. Wear a name tag and keep it visible.Eliminating the stress of remembering names will help all individuals feel comfortable              when in fellowship with one another.  
       2. Refrain from asking, “Do you remember me?”
       3. Repeat yourself.  Avoid saying, “I told you…”
       4. Listen patiently.  Avoid saying, “Yes, I remember you telling me that already.”
       5. Care for the caregiver. Offer a phone call or a visit over a cup of coffee.  
       6. Remember who we are in Christ. We are called to love one another, and we know that God’s love is never dependent on               our skills, what we accomplish or what we remember.  Focus on that love.  Live that love.

Contact Nicole Zaccaria ( for more information on how Open Doors Ministry could help you.