It Made Me Think!

By Leslie Rogers

Years ago I asked a friend, “What kind of walk is this Emmaus thing? How far do I have to walk?” She laughed. Then she explained the Walk to Emmaus is a three-day spiritual retreat. I asked, “Why?” Her response made me think. “You profess to be a Christian, right? Now is the time to discover what being a Christian really means. You will discover this and more on your Walk.” My friend was right and the understandings and insights I gained on my Walk continue to guide my daily faith journey.

Some have heard that the Walk to Emmaus is secretive. Not true. It is a Christian spiritual retreat that includes 15 talks, praying, singing, laughing, and many surprises. You wouldn’t want us to spoil the surprises would you? If you’ve met people whose hearts are on fire for Christ, and you think, like I did years ago that you want that feeling too, perhaps it’s time for you to prayerfully consider signing up for your Walk.

Future Men’s Walks: 3/28-31/19; 9/26-29/19  

Future Women’s Walks: 4/4-7/19; 10/3-6/19

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