Leading in God’s Church

By Rev. Cindy Marino

What does leadership in the church look like? Consider the leadership style of Jesus: 

Jesus was willing to invest in people, especially those others would have dismissed.
               Consider the disciples ... they were ‘nobodies’ in the first-century world. 
Jesus released responsibility and ownership in a ministry. 
               No micromanaging.
                                                                                      Jesus didn’t lead alone.
                                                                                                      He relied on a smaller group to support him and to hold him accountable.    
                                                                                      Jesus practiced servant leadership
                                                                                                       Even washing the disciples’ feet.
                                                                                     Jesus was laser-focused on God’s vision.
                                                                                     Jesus handled distractions with grace.
                                                                                     Jesus practiced self-care, often slipping away to spend time with God.
                                                                                     Jesus was not afraid to ask for a commitment from others, knowing that’s how faith is built.
                                                                                     Jesus cared more about people than about rules and regulations.
                                                                                     Jesus celebrated success in ministry,

                                                                                                       And knew there were times to just relax and enjoy one another’s company.
                                                                                     Jesus finished well.
                                                                                                       There is always a time to step aside and give over the reins to another.*

If you are willing to work toward embodying these qualities of a leader, we need you at Grace UMC! 

Leaders serve three-year terms on the administrative teams of Church Council, Staff Parish Relations Committee, Trustees, and Lay Development. New terms begin July 1.  If you are interested in serving, we ask that you fill out the leadership interest form (located in the Church Office) to indicate your experience and your vision for Grace UMC. We take leadership seriously!   

                            *Principles from Ron Edmondson, www.mustardseedministry.com