Let's Talk: Church Chats Begin September 11

By Cindy Marino

I was able to visit the Parents’ Day Out Open House the other day. Well-controlled chaos describes the atmosphere at the event! Excited children and parents and calm, collected teachers were interacting energetically to get everyone acclimated to a new PDO season. There were lots of smiles. I realized as I met parents and teachers that many are members at Grace! And yet, I didn’t know them! Beyond these parents, there are so many that I’ve yet to meet who call Grace their church home. 

I realize I will never know all of you with the number of people here, but having been among you now for over a year, I’ve decided I need to be intentional in opening opportunities for us to get to know one another better! And so we are launching Church Chats! These will be one-time gatherings for you and 8 to 12 others to get know to me and one another better. You can meet with me in Room 254 at either 11 a.m., noon, or 1 p.m. on most any Sunday between September 11 and November 20. My hope is that at least 300 persons will sign up for a one-time Church Chat. 

You will receive an invitation to register for one of the sessions via email or you may simply call the office or sign up on Sundays. If you have questions about me, about Grace Church, about life, we can talk about those things in a casual, have-a-cup-of-coffee-setting.

The leadership at Grace Church has spent the past year working hard to vision and plan for the future of Grace. Many ideas have come forth as to how to address some of our obstacles, and how to bring fruit from our many resources and blessings. I would love to hear your dreams, frustrations, needs, and joys. I will come prepared to answer questions as best I can about our strategies to move Grace beyond it’s comfort zone and into the world of making a difference in people’s lives through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.