Library: Litfin’s Chiveis Trilogy Now Available

By Harold Workman

The Chiveis Trilogy by Bryan M. Litfin are great Christian novels for men, and available to be checked out from the Grace Church library.

In The Sword, Theologian and scholar Bryan Litfin has accomplished a rare feat — he has fashioned a land and time unique to any reader’s experience. Ever wonder about a world with an ‘almost-absence’ of God? Here is a tale of the endurance of God’s amazing love — even to a distant remnant.

The second book, The Gift, is a powerfully written story about forgiveness and a desire to know the truth, no matter the cost. It’s impossible to read this book and not develop a greater appreciation for the Scriptures and a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.

In the final book, The Kingdom, Litfin combines his vivid imagination with his knowledge of theology, history, literature, geography, ancient languages, — even apothecary — to give us a marvelous book about ‘a mysterious book. In the darkness of Chiveis, where hope is a rare commodity, some dare to believe the promises of the sacred text. The adventure that follows not only grips your imagination; it also enriches your faith.