Master Plan Update: Let’s Revitalize Grace!

By John Bodine

The surveys are in, the interviews are done, and our first project review with JNKA Architects was completed on March 15. The architects  were impressed at the amount of input they received from members and groups within Grace and how well this input re-enforced our goals:

•   Develop a welcoming spirit
•   Enable programs for children and young families
•   Leverage existing Grace assets 

We were impressed with how well they captured the essence of where we are trying to go, as well as the details and nuances of work done at Grace every day. We are definitely on a good track. 

Next steps will be to begin conceptual development of alternatives to achieve these goals. This will begin as a fuzzy picture that will gradually sharpen in focus, guided by our goals, our needs, and available funding. The Projects Team will now meet every three weeks to critically review work progress and steer evolving concepts until June, when a “Town Hall” will be planned as an open forum for review by all Grace Members. No construction activities have been committed to or planned at this point, though capital funds of about $1 million are available to Church Council from the Glenna Holloway Estate Gift.

During this design period, we plan to keep Grace Members updated through monthly progress reports in Grace Notes, and weekly summary notes in Grace in Mission. At any time members are encouraged to touch base with Grace Projects Team Members with questions or concerns. This is an exciting venture with inspiring possibilities, but we are mindful of the importance of keeping our purpose before us and maintaining a two-way flow of information. Gra
ce Projects Team members include:

Jeff Barbeau           Chamus Burnside-Savazzini    
Larry Hartman         Mark Himel            
Betsy Koepnick       Ron Laub            
Becky Lindsay        Gail Lindsay            
Rick Loufek            Cindy Marino            
Steve Peters          John Ridder            
Jack Staton            Ron Wills