More Than Enough

By Rev. Cindy Marino

Ever had a mouthful of flour? Or baking soda?  Or salt?  Or raw eggs? 

These are a few of the ingredients that go into making thick, chewy, rich chocolate chunk cookies. And you would think that since they combine so well they would each be delectable on their own. But as we well know, each without the other is less likely to satisfy our hunger or our sweet tooth.    

And yet, if any of the ingredients were left out, the cookie would not be the same. 

The cookies without eggs would be hard and crumbly. Without flour, they would be doughy and lumpy. The consistency and taste would resemble everything but the melty magnificence we expect. 
And so it is with the church! It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts to make the body whole and able to serve as it is designed to do: attract others to Christ and go out to be a gift of love to the world. 
As we consider our participation in Grace UMC and in the body of Christ, I invite us all to be mindful of just how vital each of us is to the whole. Whether giving of our dollars for the budget, our emotional energy for prayer, our presence for the comfort and support of others, or our gifts in practical ways to keep the body moving and healthy, we are not the same if one is missing. 

As a reminder of this fact, each person who turns in a commitment of giving card will be treated to a giant chocolate chip cookie. A bit of a gimmick ... but with much meaning behind it. Let’s come together to make Grace UMC a gift of love to the world.