New leadership opportunity for those under 40!

By Rev. Cindy Marino


Pastor Daniel and Pastor Cindy will lead a group of up and coming leaders at Grace UMC through a brand, new course produced by the author of the Unstuck Church, Tony Morgan!  The content of the course is listed below.  Much of the course is online but, would include meeting at least 6 times over the summer, to be determined by the availability of participants. If you are interested in being part of this new venture to explore leadership in the church, please fill out the application and return it to Pastor Cindy. The fee for the course will be covered for those accepted!  

The content will help you remove the barriers to church health and growth by equipping you, as a leader, to lead an unstuck church. Through this course you will gain the ability to help your church:

    • Find clarity around mission, vision, values and strategy

    • Grow by expanding the “front door”

    • Learn the best ways to close the “back door”

    • Discover practical ways to enhance weekend services

    • Build a plan to develop more leaders

    • Learn to build teams & increase volunteer engagement

    • Develop a Senior Leadership Team that works

    • Learn how to staff for growth

    • Clarify roles for the board & staff

    • Improve communications at your church

    • Learn how to establish healthier finances

    • Build tools to monitor health & growth