New Rehearsal Piano Donated to Chancel Choir & New Life Singers

   Thanks to the generosity of a few, many will enjoy beautiful music as a result of a Yamaha AvantGrand N3x, the most technologically advanced digital hybrid piano available today, being gifted to Grace Church.  The new digital piano was donated to the church through Grace Foundation funds from the memorial gifts of Gene Skoogland and Curly Noerenberg, both long-time choir members.  Sherrie Holdeman, Director of New Life Singers, and an anonymous donor also contribut-ed to the purchase of the piano.
   The new digital piano has many beneficial features including the ability to stay in tune over time and to withstand humid conditions which is often the case in the basement rehearsal room where the piano is, according to Dan Wagner, Minister of Music.  Most importantly though, the piano was tested and given the seal of approval by church accompanists who value the tone and pitch quality of a piano.
   The Skoogland and Noerenberg families agree that Gene & Curly would be pleased with this gift, and they find comfort in knowing that their loved ones will remain a part of the music ministry at Grace for years to come.