Outside Signage

It was only through discussions at one of our Town Hall meetings concerning the Master Plan that recognition dawned about our total lack of signage outside of the church to let people know where to go and how to find things. What could be less welcoming? Improved wayfinding inside and outside of the church was part of our plan from the beginning, but those of us who are longtime members can sometimes be oblivious about what makes a place friendly and welcoming to a visitor.

We’ve done a site survey, talked to contractors, and developed a plan to follow through on our 2013 Capital Campaign intention of installing an electronic sign monument, to name all of our main entrances, and to post signs around our parking lots to direct visitors. 


We’ve signed the contract, the materials are on order, and, though we had hoped for installation to take place in late April, permitting delays will take it to late May.

With an electronic sign in place of our current monument, we’ll have an ability to display our schedule of services, announce special activities, and let members, friends, and neighbors know of coming events. We will no longer need to maintain the chain anchor fence “signboard” down by the lower lot entrance, which is expensive to keep up to date and a bit of an eyesore.