Plumbline 2019

By Nicky Zaccaria

I hadn’t been on a plane since I was about two years old, so I was a little unsure, to say the least when I got on a plane headed to Washington, D.C. Not only was the plane a new experience, but I also had never been to D.C. and I knew no one in my nine-person group.

I recently had the opportunity of attending the 2019 Plumbline tour where two leaders took a handful of youth from separate Methodist churches to Washington, D.C.  In D.C. they hosted seminars and had guest speakers that informed us about the topic of immigration from a faith perspective. The youth represented rural, urban, and suburban areas in northern Illinois, so, obviously, we all had a different take on the matter. We all agreed that immigration is a difficult topic to tackle, but we had different opinions on how to fix the matter. 

Each day’s seminar held its fair share of information and held its importance, all while looking in the Bible for answers. We dove deeper into the topics that I had previous knowledge of and I discovered many others that I wasn’t aware of.

While recognizing that everyone has different beliefs on immigration and the future of our country, I pray that politicians start treating this (as many other issues) with love and kindness. I pray to God that He guides us to be more welcoming and overall a better country. 

Plumbline overall was an amazing experience, and I thank the church and the congregation for its endless support! I thank the Foundation in helping me to attend by providing financial support through The Building Up the Church fund.  This fund was established through a bequest from long-time Grace member Dorothy Kline to be used for "leadership training that is about building up the church to the glory of God".  

I invite anyone to talk to me about the trip and have discussions about all I learned!