Portico Collective Ministry Celebrates Success in 2016

   2016 has been a great year for Grace’s on-line ministry — Portico Collective (PoCo). Here are some of the highlights:

   • More than 960,000 e-mails were sent, and that content was engaged by an audience four-times the industry average.

   • Three series of digital small groups took the conversation deeper for 91 different individuals.

   • Worship resources created by PoCo were utilized by more than 40 congregations (not including our own) in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

   • Sixty-one people shared that they went back to church in 2016, and 82 people shared they went to church for the first time ever in 2016 because of their interaction with PoCo.

   • Five children were born to PoCo participants in three different states and were blessed via Skype; and two couples were married in services officiated by Pastor Matthew in person, and;

• A father and son were reconciled before the father’s death thanks to — they said — the conversations they had with each other, prompted by PoCo materials.

   These all exemplify that Portico is living out its Mission: engage in meaningful conversations about faith to create healthier lives, relationships, and neighborhoods.

   Next year, PoCo is beginning a partnership with North Central College’s Campus Ministry called Nerd Church. Stay tuned for more on this exciting, new ministry.

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