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Praying for Grace

By Rev. Cindy Marino

There was a jubilance in the air in Fellowship Hall on October 11, 2017. That feeling of home--of good food and goodwill was expressed equally by longtime members and newcomers. Bound together by a love for God that lets God’s love permeate such an event, the Annual Grace Harvest Home Dinner tells the story of the people of Grace. May it always be so! May there always be people committed to preserving events that express who Grace UMC is, in its heart of hearts, and share that with the next generation. Thank you, Harold and LuRay Workman and team!

So, what does this year’s Harvest Home teach us about who Grace is? It was easy to see:

1.  Grace is a community of prayer. While the ministry of prayer is not outward and flashy, it is how we make God’s presence known and discern direction each and every day.

2.  Grace is a community of relationships. Staying connected with longtime members and making space to connect with newcomers is important to the people of Grace UMC; so much so, that people step forward to lead when the threat of losing that connection looms before them. 

3.  Grace is a community for all generations. Longtime members cherish the memories of raising their families in the church. Seeing young families at events and in worship revitalizes everyone’s faith and reminds us that the church is still needed in the world. Young families need a home, too. And they need older folks to love. 

4.  Grace is a community looking to carry these values into an uncertain future. While one might think it requires us to dig in and guard against change, the opposite is true. The only way to keep the best of who Grace UMC is, is to share it.

I hope you have been praying about the changes needed at Grace to allow the building to facilitate and grow the love reflected in the heart of Grace members. It is prayer that has brought us this far. The miracle of God’s work in our midst through Glenna Holloway has provided the means to make changes possible without unduly burdening the faithful givers among us. Continue to pray, that the giants who have carried us this far might be honored as we carry on God’s work, and that those coming behind us might find us faithful … and do the same. Amen.