Share With Grace the Power of Breakthrough Prayer

By Barb Ceruti

For weeks, the people of Grace have been praying this “Breakthrough Prayer” in worship and on their own:

Almighty God, 
The People of Grace long to fulfill 
Your purpose for us.
Holy Spirit, show us the way,
in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

On the wall outside the Sanctuary under the banner pictured here, there is room for the people of Grace to share how "The Power of Breakthrough Prayer" is working in their lives. Children, youth and adults are invited to write or draw a picture of how breakthrough prayer has influenced or inspired them. Use the paper and writing utensils provided in the Gathering Space, and place your responses in the round basket. We will make sure they are added to our Breakthrough Prayer wall. You may wish to include your name or respond anonymously, whichever you choose. You may also email Barb Ceruti at with your contributions or with any questions you may have. Thank you for sharing!