Side X Side 2017: Day 1

Our first day of work in Birminghams, AL started with a beautiful sunrise, which led to a hot day with no rain to either cool us off or deter us from our projects. At the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Our sister team of Cam and Phyllis were part of the crew who worked on a a home that had been damaged by fire. A site contractor from our partner, Habitat for Humanity--a faith based organization, opened the day with prayer. In just one day of work, our crews completely filled a dumpster with burned material from the walls, ceilings, and kitchen. Though the work was physically exhausting, the team, covered in dirt and dust, left at the end of the day feeling spiritually uplifted knowing that the house would someday be back to the home the family knew. We often say the days are long, but the week is short.