SideXSide 2017: Day 5

By Phyllis Pepiot

Day 5 was packed as full as any day could be! We’re writing this at midnight while the kids are finishing an annual tradition of sharing their affirmations and celebrations of our seniors - 12 of them.  They are a great bunch and I remember several years of participation by most of them. 

“Char House” is the name we’ve given to the first demolition site. We finished the week with two different vans of folks coming to put tarpaper on the solid part of the house and replacing the ceiling joists in the burned out portion. 

The two vans that were originally at the “Char House” were transferred to another demolition site. The new demolition is getting the property ready for a complete rehab! Demolition work in just one day included removing drywall, paneling, floor coverings, some ceilings, and all kitchen cabinets. Wow! With their previous experience the team of two vans powered through that demolition and carefully put the debris in the dumpster. 

As we get ready for a full day tomorrow(Saturday) of driving to Nashville and staying at a church in Illinois overnight we must get rested so I'm signing off for that. 

Don't forget the slide show June 25 at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall at Grace when we will share our final look at the change we Side by Siders have made from babyhood pics to today.  You are welcome to come hear the stories and see the photos of the trip.