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Side X Side 2017: Day 2

By Phyllis Pepiot

Rain came through the area overnight, but we were blessed with another rain free day of work on Tuesday. Our crews are full of eager and able workers and thus much work was accomplished on Day 2! One site, the burned home site, is asking us to join them in praying for an empty dumpster so that debris does not have to be handled twice.

Our Side X Siders, teens and adults, gather together each day--morning & night--for faith building in small groups, with prayer partners, and in worship. Last night also involved some fun. Imagine an intense game of ping pong between a couple of 60+ year olds and a teen! It’s the combination of working side by side, praying & worshipping together, and having fun with each other that leads to great relationship building opportunities.

A few quotes from our work campers on Tuesday:

Brentley L.: "That dorm bed is getting more comfortable every time I get into it."

Emma S.: "I am so cold-our room is on double snowflake."
An adult, "You know you can adjust that."
Emma S."We know, we like it like that."

Lauren F. after working at the Kid's Camp VBS: "The children were so easy to talk to. They really enjoyed the sidewalk chalk."

Michelle R.: "The amazing power of the shower - I go from looking like a coal miner to looking again like a Side by Sider."

Please keep all of our crew and homeowners in your prayers!