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Side X Side: Day 4

By Phyllis Pepiot

Another day of rain at opportune times -- at lunch and just after we got in the cars to leave the site for the day -- and did it ever pour then!  Driving back we could hardly see the car in front of us.

The burned out home that we have been working on is in Hueytown, Alabama, which is about 20 minutes from where we are staying at The University of Alabama Birmingham. Our accomplishments for day 4 included tearing off the rest of the roof and getting the debris into the dumpster. Adele, a senior in High School, has apprenticed with the master dumpster packer and has passed her exam. She kept the voids to an absolute minimum. This is important since the dumpsters are charged to Habitat by the load rather than the tonnage.

Other tough projects were carrying out the cast iron tub, breaking up and carrying out tile floors, taking down rafters and the end gable. We could not be more proud of our teams! Not only has no one shied away from assigned tasks, many have volunteered for difficult jobs.

PS Our posts have only been a glimpse of the experience we have had in Alabama this past week. We hope you have the slideshow and presentation about our trip at Grace on your calendar for the the evening of July 25 at 7 p.m.