Stewardship 2017: Becoming Balanced

By Tammy Scott

As I do from time to time, I began a new practice last month. This time it was yoga. In just the first two sessions, I learned a couple of things about myself. 

First, my muscles are very tight and I have much less flexibility than I remember having 5 years ago when I last did yoga.

Second, it requires a lot of concentration and focus to keep balanced in many different yoga poses. Balance is something that we seek in life, not just while doing yoga. 

Where does your life need more balance? Join us this fall as we spend time thinking about what areas of our lives need more balance and how we can begin to work on becoming balanced. 

In our sermons each week, we will explore a different aspect that we may benefit from creating more balance.

I hope that you will not only come and be a part of worship, but that you will be open to a “new practice” that will lead us into becoming balanced. This will culminate with an opportunity for us to present our estimated gifts for 2017, which will allow the church leadership to create a Ministry Resource Plan for 2017 that accurately reflects the anticipated gifts.

Stewardship Sermon Series

September 24/25    Compassionate Care

October 1/2    Loving Family

October 8/9    Serving Our Community

October 15/16    Balance and Counterbalance and Receiving of 2017 Estimated Gifts

October 22/23    Becoming Balanced

October 29/30    Living Responsibly and Celebration of 2017 Estimated Gifts